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It’s September!

Gosh, I really do lag behind on keeping everything updated. It seems that I just pile on more and more websites to manage and it’s quite exhausting. No wonder why people hire others to manage their social media. Since the last update, I’ve updated all my writing accounts (AO3, FF.net, Wattpad) to include almost all of my fanfiction. I tried to start updating my Ko-fi account but I forgot about it again after the first post. Now I’ve been eyeing my DeviantArt and pixiv accounts and wondering if I should start adding my original art there.

I thought that having this website would be a good thing because people could always find me here. But in the age of social media, people would much rather follow me on the other platforms that they already have. It’s a bit disappointing but if I look on the positive side, I suppose it gives me more presence.

As my kids have started school and we’re back on a schedule (though a hectic one because of online schooling), I’m going to try to update more regularly. I probably say this all the time. The pandemic has just thrown everything out of whack and I need something to concentrate on.

So on to my updates!

Fan works

I’ve been continuing with finishing up all my Miraculous WIPs. Currently, I’m finishing up Panacea. Available are parts here : 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 |

I also started watching BNHA, though I haven’t gotten very far. Truth be told, I only started watching for TodoMomo crumbs since I find them aesthetically pleasing. I drew a few doodles but won’t be uploading them until I spruce them up digitally.

Original Works

Sadly I haven’t done much on this front. As usual, I waste a lot of time mulling over old art.

For example… this utter waste of time. It’s so unhealthy to obsess over fixing my old art like this but it really just makes me unhappy whenever I happen to see it, so I have to fix it.

Then I decided to turn one of my traditional pieces into digital should I ever want to use it for merchandise. I believe I had uploaded the traditional one on my other social media accounts but not here. I’m quite pleased with how it turned out digitally. The vines were quite frustrating!

Maiden in the Garden

Lastly, I started redrawing an old piece from 2016, which is when I started really dabbling in digital art. I’m not going to post the old one since it’s embarrassingly bad. I decided to turn them into two original characters I had from a one-shot I wrote long ago. I do hope to make that story into a small comic one day.

Aya & Tamaki

And that is essentially what I’ve been up to. Now it’s time for me to update my other accounts! Until next time~

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