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Rain Showers & Shower Showers – 5

Miraculous: Les Aventures de Ladybug et Chat Noir
Rated: T
Pairings: Love Square
Warnings: Language
Summary: Adrien has a revelation and it certainly isn’t due to his fever. Unknown to him, Marinette has one too.

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Nino frowned when he read the text message that appeared on his phone just as he pulled it out to text Adrien. He didn’t think anything of it when he reached the school first. While Adrien had been getting better at making it to school on time, there were still occasions where the blonde didn’t turn up, probably due to a photoshoot. Nino just assumed this was one of those times. But clearly, it wasn’t.

His phone chimed and he looked at it to see a message from Adrien.

Adrien: Sick. Won’t be in today. 

Adrien wasn’t usually one to get sick. Nino couldn’t even recall the last time his best friend was unwell. He’d known Adrien to have an insane amount of stamina and a formidable constitution. Despite the sheer amount of photoshoots along with extracurricular activities that he had, he was rarely out of sorts. It probably had to do with the extra healthy food he was fed, as well as the fencing that provided him with exercise. 

So when Nino reread the text, he couldn’t help but worry. He saw Alya approaching him, stifling a yawn. He readily passed the strange news to her.

“Perfect model, Adrien Agreste is sick? How is that possible?” She raised an eyebrow and Nino just shrugged. 

“Beats me. He seemed fine yesterday.” Nino said as he typed a reply to Adrien. Suddenly his head snapped up. “He did say he was cold yesterday from the akuma attack.”

“That’s true.” Alya frowned. “Marinette won’t be happy about this.”

“I won’t be happy about what?” Marinette appeared from behind Alya and startled the couple, both of them yelping in surprise. They relayed the news to her and watched as her lips fell into a frown, brows knitting together and eyes flooding with worry. 

Marinette recalled that he was unusually cold yesterday, shivering slightly when they met up after the akuma attack. It was strange when she thought about it. She was usually the one out of the four that had issues with the cold. 

As she made her way to class, she pulled out her phone and contemplated whether or not she should send him a message. She didn’t want to bother him if he was resting. But she was itching with curiosity and concern. Did he have a cold? Was it something more serious that he couldn’t make it to school? What if he was at the hospital? What if he had pneumonia? She had heard many cases of pneumonia being deadly! She huffed as she sat down, mind racing. She gripped her phone and quickly typed in a message. She didn’t hesitate to hit the ‘send’ button. Right now, she was more concerned about making sure he was alive. 

Marinette: Nino told me that you’re sick. Are you okay?

She breathed a sigh of relief when a reply came almost instantaneously. 

Adrien: Just a cold and a bit of a fever. It should be over it soon enough.

Her worry dissipated some hearing that it was just a cold. 

Marinette: I guess that hot chocolate didn’t help 🙁

Adrien: I’m sure I would be dead now if it weren’t for your magical hot chocolate. 

Marinette let out a slight snort at his exaggeration. She had to admit, she had never pegged Adrien as one to have a flair for the dramatic. But as she got to know him better, she realized that the boy liked to put on a show.

Marinette: Ok Agreste. You seem well enough to be making jokes. I guess I don’t need to worry about you. She typed in reply. Her phone chimed immediately.

Adrien: *gasp* how cold!

Marinette: :p ok, class is starting. Get some rest!

Adrien: Have fun

Truth be told, Marinette was still worried. Adrien had a habit of downplaying his problems. She knew that his sickness had to be bad enough that he couldn’t come to school. His home situation wasn’t the greatest and school was where he went to be less lonely—to be himself. He wouldn’t miss it if he could help it. She sighed, hoping for the next few hours to pass quickly so that she could check up on him. He could probably use the company and she was sure Nino and Alya would like to see how he’s doing too. 

Adrien felt terrible. His body was burning up and every time he threw his blanket off in hopes of relief, his body was assaulted with a chill that made him want to snuggle underneath the covers again. His mind was muddled and his head hammered incessantly as if Guitar Villain had made a return and used his solo on him repeatedly. His nose was stuffed, making him breathe through his mouth, irritating his sore throat even further.

Being out in the cold weather was unpleasant but it shouldn’t have made him sick. After all, you needed to get the virus to actually get a cold. He frowned in frustration when he remembered that Kim was sick just a couple of days ago. It was likely that he had already caught it and the mild case of hypothermia he had yesterday weakened his immune system enough for it to wreak havoc on his body. He shoved his face into his pillow and whined pathetically.

He missed his friends. It didn’t make sense since he saw them just yesterday. There were times he couldn’t see them for days because of his modeling job. He dealt with it just fine then, coping by messaging in the group chat that his friends aptly named ‘Project Keep Adrien Company’. He smiled at the thought. He’d never been more grateful to have such an amazing group of friends and the more he thought about them, the more sorely he missed them. He’d never felt so small and vulnerable since his mother disappeared.

His mother—another presence that he missed. Every time he had gotten sick as a child, his mother would always be by his side to nurse him better. She’d make him her god-awful soup, which he’d struggle with eating, and then she’d sing him lullabies to help him rest. It was strange how her hand always felt warm when he was cold and cool when he was burning up. 

Much like the coolness that he felt on his forehead right now. 

“Maman…?” Adrien mumbled deliriously and he whimpered when the hand retracted momentarily. He sighed contentedly when the hand returned. 

“I’m sorry, it’s just me.” 

His eyes immediately shot open when the voice he heard clearly didn’t belong to his mother. He focused on the figure hovering above him. His cheeks flushed when the familiar shape of his raven-haired friend came into view. 

“M-Marinette…” He couldn’t even muster the energy to sound surprised. Marinette watched him worriedly, a deep frown etched across her face. His complexion was pale and his forehead glistened with sweat. She hoped that what he had was merely a cold and not something worse. His skin was too hot and it had her concerned. Fevers during a cold were usually mild, if you got one at all.

“Alya and Nino are here too. How are you feeling?” Marinette asked softly as she swept his hair out of his face. The gesture was so comforting that he just wanted to go back to sleep. 

“Better now that you’re here.” He mumbled before drifting off again. Marinette couldn’t help but blush even though she was sure that he meant all of them. She could hear Alya chuckling behind her and whispering to Nino. 

“Maybe we shouldn’t have come.” 

“Alya!” Marinette said sharply, albeit in a low voice. The redhead just smiled slyly. “You guys keep him company. I’m going to see if I can borrow the kitchen.” 

Nino and Alya nodded before Marinette left the room. Alya pulled his computer chair next to the bed and sat down, peering at him intently. 

“Poor guy. I guess all the work and stress has finally caught up with him.” She murmured as she leaned forward to brush away the bangs that fell in his face again. 

“Yeah. It sucks. But it’s what he’s chosen to do. He doesn’t like it but it makes his old man happy. At least that’s what he thinks.” Nino frowned. He’d be lying if he said he didn’t hate Gabriel Agreste. The man was cold and controlling and he felt Adrien deserved so much more. But it wasn’t his place to judge how the father and son went about their relationship. 

Seeing Nino’s dejected expression, Alya turned in the chair and reached out for his hand. She gave it a reassuring squeeze and smiled. Nino was so incredibly selfless when it came to his friends and she adored that aspect of her boyfriend. Actually, that was a quality that the three of her friends had that made her love them so much. She admittedly wasn’t as close to Adrien as Nino and Marinette but she still considered him dear to her.

“That’s why we’re here for him.” She said.

“You’re right.” Nino squeezed back and smiled. 

When Marinette exited the kitchen to head back to Adrien’s room, she had the pleasure of running into Gabriel. He looked mildly surprised to see her despite knowing that she and two others were visiting his son. She recalled Adrien telling her that his father was rarely home. Yet somehow, she’d managed to encounter him every time she was there.

“Bonjour, Marinette.” He nodded towards her.

“Bonjour, Monsieur Agreste.” She said. “I hope you don’t mind that I used your kitchen. Nathalie said it was okay.” 

Gabriel didn’t say anything and just eyed the tray in her hands. 

“Um… My mother often makes me soup when I’m sick so I thought Adrien would like some.” She blubbered, intimidated by the man’s stare. She turned her attention down to the bowl on the tray. “It’s nothing unhealthy. It’s just a simple chicken and vegetable soup to keep him hydrated. Oh, but I loaded it with ginger so he might not like it.” She continued rambling, praying that he’d acknowledge her somehow so that she could stop making a fool of herself. 

Marinette almost had a heart attack when she heard a chuckle. At least that’s what she thought she heard because when she looked at Gabriel, his face was just as stoic as ever. 

“I’m confident he will enjoy any kind of soup you make. His mother used to make him soup when he became ill, though I have to admit that her cooking skills were abominable.” Gabriel explained. Marinette giggled and then suddenly stopped and stared wide-eyed at him. 

“Oh, I wasn’t laughing at your wife or anything, I just—” she pressed her lips together and hung her head, wanting to smack herself but not having free hands to do so. 

“You should hurry and give that to him before it cools.” He said with the slightest hint of a smile.

Marinette nodded and went off. 

“You okay, man?” Nino peered at his bedridden friend as he began to stir again. Adrien blinked tiredly and remembered that his friends had come to visit. A smile stretched across his face when he felt a warm, fuzzy feeling bubbling in the pit of his stomach. He couldn’t help but feel ridiculously happy even though he had some concerns about them catching whatever he had. He sat up in his bed to see Nino and Alya peering at him affectionately, like a doting pair of parents. 

“How is it that you still look damn good while sick, with bed-hair plastered to your face from sweat?” Nino said, jokingly offended by his friend’s good looks. Adrien chuckled, trying his best to ignore his dry, burning throat. Then he noticed that one of them was missing. 

“Where’s Marinette?” Adrien asked as he scanned the room. 

“Right here.” He heard her voice and the closing of a door before she came into view with a tray in her hands. “Are you feeling well enough to eat something?”

Adrien nodded and then cocked his head in confusion. He was curious as to why Marinette was the one bringing him lunch. She approached his bed and set the tray down on his bedside table. He eyed the tray, seeing a steaming bowl and mug settled on it. 

“I hope you don’t mind but I made you some soup and tea.” Marinette said as she played with a pigtail nervously. But her shyness flew completely over his head as he was too stunned by what she did for him.

“W-what?” Adrien flubbed. Alya had to bite back a laugh and Nino pinched her arm, silently telling her to give the sick boy a break. 

“I made you soup. It might not taste very good but it’ll make you feel better.” She wrenched her hands. Despite her saying that, she hoped that he would enjoy the taste of it. Knowing Adrien, he’d suffer through eating bad soup to spare her feelings. 

“Thank you, Marinette. I really appreciate it.” He said, still not able to express all of the emotions that were swirling inside his chest. 

“It’s no problem. Sorry it took so long. We have to head back to school now but eat it while it’s still warm.” Marinette said as she gathered her bag. Adrien nodded numbly and waved to his friends who showed themselves out. But before they left his field of vision, he found himself calling out. 

“Thanks for coming guys. I’m really happy.”

“No prob, dude!” Nino grinned and Alya nodded along. Marinette gave him a sweet smile and his heart lurched.


“Hm?” She blinked, waiting for him to continue but his tongue stuck in his mouth. He hadn’t meant to say her name aloud. There were just so many things he wanted to say to her. 

“I… Never mind. It’s nothing.” 

Despite his dismissal, Marinette still lingered there. She idly noted Alya dragging Nino out of the room before walking back to Adrien’s side. His eyes trailed her the whole way. She took a seat on the edge of his bed, to his right and gazed at him with concern. 

“Adrien, what’s wrong?” Marinette asked softly, noticing that his eyes were slightly glazed over. 

“Nothing’s wrong! Far from wrong.” He said quickly, not wanting her to get the wrong idea. He brought a hand up to rub his eyes, mortified that he was about to cry in front of her. “I’m just… I can’t believe you did so much for me.” He said, wiping any semblance of moisture from his eyes. 

Marinette knew that he was probably missing his mother. From the way he’d mistakenly called her earlier and the way he eyed the bowl of soup. She was sure he was feeling lonely. He looked so small to her at the moment and it made her want to give him a tight hug. She held herself back and instead placed a hand over his. 

“Of course. You’re an important friend to me and I want you to get better as soon as possible.” She said, giving his hand a squeeze. 

Adrien felt his chest tighten at the word friend. He knew he shouldn’t have been bothered by it. That’s exactly what their relationship was. But even that fact didn’t stop him from turning his hand upwards to intertwine his fingers with hers. He watched her eyes flicker down to their hands, lips parting slightly in surprise before a smile appeared. His heart fluttered when she didn’t reject him on the spot. Instead, he felt the bed dip as she moved closer and placed a kiss on his forehead. 

His body felt impossibly hot and he was sure it wasn’t from his fever. He just stared at Marinette in surprise as she pulled back and gave him a smile. 

“I’ll come visit you again after school. So eat up and rest. If you’re up for it, I’ll kick your ass in Mecha Strike.” She grinned. 

After Marinette left, Adrien dropped his head into and hands and sighed deeply. He gave himself a swift slap on both cheeks before turning a resolute gaze to the bowl of soup. Standing up, he grabbed the tray and walked over to his desk, pulling up the Ladyblog onto his monitor. As he browsed through the site, he began to eat the soup that Marinette made especially for him. 

“It’s delicious…” He mumbled in contentment.

He’d just finished his shower when he heard Marinette return that afternoon. He wanted to wash his body from all the sweat before she arrived. He was feeling a lot better. Her soup had helped him feel less congested and his temperature stopped spiking as much. Though he could probably go for another cup of that honeyed tea for his throat. He had several cups sent up previously but none of them were as good as Marinette’s. He heard the voices of Nathalie and Marinette approaching his door. There was a knock and instead of calling out for them to come in, he walked over and opened it. 

“Hey, Marinette.” He said complacently with a smile on his face. She blinked at him taking in his freshly bathed appearance, hair still dripping wet into the towel sitting around his neck. 

“I’ll leave you two.” Nathalie said before nodding to Marinette. The girl returned the gesture before stepping into Adrien’s room. 

“You’re looking better.” Marinette said, pleased that he had regained some color back in his face. Adrien hummed as he closed the door and followed her in.

“I should have father hire you as our new chef. Your soup and tea really hit the spot.” He chuckled when she raised a brow at him.

“It was really basic soup you know. And the tea was simply steeped with some honey added to it.” She remarked, amused that he thought she could replace their starred chef. 

“And yet I haven’t been able to get any as good as yours. Everything you make is exquisite.” He winked at her and she couldn’t stop herself from blushing. 

“Okay, enough with the flattery.” Marinette said and placed her bag down on the couch. “I probably shouldn’t have since you’re sick but I brought you some cream puffs as a treat.” She held up a box and his eyes lit up. He reached for the box but she pulled back. 

“Uh-uh-uh…” She smirked mirthfully at him and pointed over to the couch. “Sit down.” She commanded. He obeyed albeit with a pout of his face. She then circled around to the back of the couch, stopping right behind him. Adrien turned curiously to her only to have her pull the towel from his neck and throw it over his head. 

“Marinette?” He called questioningly. 

“You should make sure to dry your hair well. Your house is a little chilly and you don’t want your cold to get worse.” Her voice was soft and gentle, much like the hands that started to massage the towel through his hair, carefully drying it.

Adrien closed his eyes and let himself be pampered. It was strange how much he enjoyed it. He never particularly cared for it when he got this kind of treatment at work. But like her cooking, Marinette’s hands seemed magical to him, her touch melting all his troubles away. 


“See what I mean?” Marinette laughed and pulled back, immediately making him feel colder. But it went as soon as it came, when a heavy feeling fell upon his shoulders. He turned to see that Marinette had pulled the comforter from his bed and draped it around him. He shot her a grateful look. She paused and blinked at his tousled hair before smiling.

“Up for some games?” Her eyes twinkled playfully. 

“You bet.” He grinned impishly and patted the space to his left for her sit and she happily obliged. 

An hour and several brutal defeats later, Adrien fell back against the couch and groaned. His head rested atop the back of the couch and he stared at the ceiling in self-pity. 

“Savage Mari, just savage. Have some pity on the sick person.” He rolled his head over to face her and pouted, earning a giggle. 

“I’m sure you wouldn’t be happy if I went easy on you.” She teased and raised a finger to poke his nose. His eyes followed the appendage as it withdrew and fell back down to her side. 

“True.” He turned back towards and ceiling and sighed before closing his eyes. He could still feel the warmth of her finger where she poked him, even though it was so brief. He hazily thought back to all the times she touched him, the kisses, the hand-holding—every single moment just made his skin crawl with want for more. 

There was no escaping the truth. He was undoubtedly in love with her. He had fallen fast and hard, just like he did with Ladybug. And just for the moment, just for today, he wanted to indulge himself. 

“Are you tired? I should go so you can rest.” 

“Stay.” He breathed before letting his body fall over, head dropping into her lap. 

“A-Adrien!” She stammered, surprised at the new position. “Are you okay?” She asked worriedly, wondering if his fever was returning and he was feeling faint. 

“Perfect.” Adrien hummed in reply and curled up into his blanket. The corners of her lips tugged up into a smile at the balled-up form resting on her lap. Any embarrassment she felt melted away when she heard him sigh contentedly. 

“Do you want to watch a movie?” She asked, raising the remote control that sat next to her.

Adrien didn’t respond with words but only nodded, cheek rubbing against her thigh. Even though her jeans were hardly soft against his face, the feeling of her body heat on his cheek just made him want to snuggle closer. She giggled half out of ticklishness and half out of humor. 

“You’re such a cat.” She said and began to run her fingers through his hair as if she were petting a large pet cat. She put a movie on and lowered the volume in case he wanted to sleep. But halfway through the movie, she found herself drifting off. 

“Marinette?” Adrien called softly from what he deemed was his new favorite spot. She hummed in acknowledgment and started patting his hair again. He closed his eyes and reveled in the feeling of her fingers against his scalp. “Thanks for coming by again. You’re the best.” He breathed, losing his own battle against the sleep that wanted to consume him.

Adrien roused from his slumber when he heard a squeak, followed by a sudden movement from under his body. He opened his heavy eyelids to see yellow. He tiredly wondered when the housekeeper changed his sheets. It took him another minute to realize that a fast, rhythmic beating was coming from his pillow. 

Then it hit him that his pillow wasn’t actually a pillow. His eyes widened and a jolt of nervousness shot up his spine. The softness that was currently under his cheek was nothing other than Marinette’s midsection and the pale yellow color he was looking at was her shirt.

He wasn’t exactly sure how they had gotten into such a position, with him sprawled over her reclined body, hugging it tightly. Hadn’t she been sitting up? He pushed himself up to see her flushed and surprised face. He couldn’t blame her. It wasn’t every day that you went to a friend’s place to play games, only to end up snuggled under said friend.

Adrien sputtered out a quick apology and climbed off of her, allowing her to get up and collect herself. He watched her smooth out her shirt from the corner of his eye and saw her shake her head.

“It’s okay. We both must have been really tired, huh?” She said and chuckled, face still pink in embarrassment.

“Yeah…” He rubbed the back of his neck nervously.

“I should get going. It’s almost dinner time and my parents are expecting me back.” Marinette said, not even waiting for a reply before she hastily stood. But Marinette being Marinette meant only one thing: ultimate disaster. She should have seen it coming—really, she should have. Her clumsiness was always at its worst when she was flustered. Her mind would go into a flurried hyper-drive and make her less aware of her surroundings. So it was only natural that she’d get her foot caught in the comforter, making her lose her balance.

Of course with Adrien being the gentleman he was, he dove in to break her fall. Marinette wanted to smack herself for the millionth time that day, making a sick person strain themselves further due to her inability to operate like a normal human being. Now they both ended up on the floor, Adrien successfully preventing her from face-planting and making an utter fool of herself—though this probably wasn’t any better in that regard. 

“Oh my god! Are you okay? I’m so sorry! I’m such a klutz!” Marinette blathered as she scrambled to get up. But the more she clambered around, the more tangled up they became in the blanket until she collapsed back onto him in a heap. 

“I’m sorry.” She whimpered in defeat before carefully pushing herself up this time. But doing so only made her face sear as she realized just how incredibly close her face was to his. To her comfort, he looked just as startled and flustered as she felt.

Adrien willed himself to say something, anything. But every word he thought of died on his tongue before he could get it out. He found himself getting lost in her eyes and just how brilliantly they shone, like the sky bathing in the morning sun. It didn’t help that she was watching him just as intently. When he finally managed to break his gaze, his eyes only succeeded in flickering down to her lips. He swallowed painfully, remembering that he was sick and being this close to her would ensure that she’d catch his sickness. But just as he began pushing himself up, her lips descended onto his.

He completely blanked out and she pulled away before he could make any sense of what just happened. Her cheeks were aflame and she bit her lip as her eyes searched his questioningly. A few more seconds transpired before he finally grasped the situation. Heat coursed through his entire body at the realization that Marinette just kissed him. Marinette Dupain-Cheng, who could quite literally have her pick of any guy, willingly kissed him—the giant dork of a boy who had more issues than he could count. Emotional baggage aside, he was sick. Had she no sense of self-preservation?

Perhaps he was silent for too long because she started to shift uncomfortably, averting her eyes.

“Sorry, I… um…” She mumbled before moving to sit up.

His heart thudded loudly in his ears. Why was she apologizing? Did she not mean to do it? Did she think he was rejecting her? Which was worse? Knowing that Marinette held no romantic feelings for him made his heart twinge, but the thought of her thinking that he had rejected her—no, no, no, no.  Like him, Marinette also had her bouts of self-doubt and there was no way that he was going to be the cause of more of it. He sat up and grasped her hand, making her turn her attention back to him. She glanced down at them in question.

“I…” He started, trying to formulate a coherent sentence. She turned her gaze up and her eyes gleamed with anticipation. 

‘Ah, to hell with it.’  He thought. She was going to get sick anyway.

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