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The Black Cat’s Solace

I still chuckle at the thought that this had taken me a whole year to complete when I first decided to write/draw it. I started October 2016 I believe, with this Witch!AU for Halloween and I didn’t finish it until the next year. If I break it down, it comes out to about an image a week, which I guess isn’t awful considering I have other things to do.

It’s 2019 now and I decided to give it a little update since the lines and colors were very messy. I won’t be posting all of the images here just because there are 50+ and I’m too lazy to watermark them (also because it seems that people have been taking the images from my site and posting it elsewhere, despite my requests not to do so). All of the images can be seen in the video version.

Miraculous: Les Aventures de Ladybug et Chat Noir
Rated: PG
Pairings: Adrinette I guess
Warnings: None
Summary: Witch!AU. An unlucky black cat finds himself with a new companion.

[Audiofic here]

He was an unlucky black cat. Hated by the villagers. Tormented by the children. All because it was said that black cats brought nothing but misery and misfortune. Left battered and broken in the midst of a dark forest, he thought that his suffering was finally going to end. But then a young woman appeared before him.

“You poor kitty…” Her voice was quiet as if she thought it would cause him pain if she spoke any louder. She knelt down and peered at him, eyes filled with sorrow. She reached out and caressed his head, not a single care about what his existence meant. With gentle hands, she lifted the cat into her arms and continued along the path to her home. Even though the night was dark and cold, the warmth of being in her embrace made him feel as if he was bathed in sunlight.

“Don’t worry. When we get back, I’ll make you as good as new.” She told him. The cat knew that he would only bring the girl trouble; just like his first owner, a kind woman who spared him a thought only to have misfortune befall her. But he was a pitiful soul and foolishly took comfort in the girl’s promise to take care of him. Closing his eyes, he let the girl take him wherever she wished.

“It’s getting really windy out there.” The girl’s voice resonated over the sound of the shuttering windows and roused the cat from his sleep. With all of his injuries mysteriously gone, the cat rose from his resting spot and went in search of her voice. When he found her standing by the window, he couldn’t help but think that she looked so beautiful under the moonlight.

“You’re awake. How are you feeling?” She smiled and walked towards him, beckoning him over. The flames from the fireplace danced in her eyes and he was drawn to them as if he were a moth and she the flame.

The girl’s name was Marinette. She lived alone in a small cottage within the forest. At least that’s what the cat thought. A creature named Tikki always accompanied her. She seemed to be optimistic by nature, always supporting Marinette with her encouraging words. He was glad that she wasn’t all alone. By the fourth night, he suspected that Tikki wasn’t Marinette’s only companion. Every night, she would set aside a plate of food, only for it to be empty by morning. He was a little envious, wondering if he too, was worthy of her company.

As he continued to stay with Marinette, he learned that she made a living selling various potions made from the plants that she raised. He would watch her contentedly as she worked. She always hummed the same happy tune yet he never tired of hearing it.

Days turned into weeks. Uncertainty grew into complacency. It seemed as if his misfortune didn’t affect her at all. He couldn’t bring himself to leave, but she never complained. She had given him a handmade collar, letting him know that he was always welcome and that he belonged.

Once a month, a human named Chloe would come by the cottage. The cat thought she was an insufferable woman. She was haughty and rude, constantly throwing insults at Marinette. He was glad that her visits were usually short and infrequent. Her last visit had him nearly clawing her dress to shreds had Marinette not picked him up. He hoped she wouldn’t return. But not two weeks later, she appeared again much to Marinette’s surprise.

“Chloe, I wasn’t expecting you.”

“Cut the chit-chat, you know why I’m here.”

As usual, Marinette worked on Chloe’s order without complaint. With the small vial in hand, Chloe left without a word. The cat wondered why Marinette bothered dealing with her but the melancholic expression that she wore as she watched Chloe’s retreating back told him that there were many things he just didn’t understand.

“I know you don’t like her, but she has a lot going on. Her mother is very sick.” Marinette explained.

Only a few days later, Chloe returned, anger and grief evident in her eyes.

“Why didn’t it work? You were supposed to save her!”

The cat watched as Marinette wrenched her trembling hands, her lips quivering as she let out a quiet apology.

“I’m sorry Chloe, but I can’t change the fate that’s bestowed upon someone.”

As miraculous as Marinette’s medicine was, it couldn’t save someone who wasn’t meant to be saved. Despite that, she wished she could have done more. The cat wanted with all of his being to be able to comfort her. But there wasn’t much he could offer, for he was just a cat, not even having the words to console her.

“Thanks, kitty. I’m glad you’re here.” She whispered, holding him close. In the end, she was the one comforting him.

He thought that surely there was something that he could do to cheer her up— maybe bring her a gift of some sort. But it proved harder than he expected when she was startled by the bird that he brought her. Despite the smile on her face, he could tell that she wasn’t happy with it, even though he thought it was a nice gift.

So he set out again to find something that would please her. As he roamed the outdoors, he found some flowers that reminded him of her eyes. He thought that she’d definitely like them since she often had flowers around the house. So he eagerly plucked one and began his way back home. But when he returned, he saw that his worst nightmare had become a reality.

On the floor, she lay perfectly still—the only sign of something misplaced was the broken vase behind her. The fresh blood that seeped through her hair was glaringly bright, as if to show him that it was all his fault.

“Do you want revenge?”

An unfamiliar voice called out to him as he nuzzled her, praying that she would wake up. Tikki hovered over her, worry etched on her little face.

“Well… I doubt that Marinette would like that and I wouldn’t want to disappoint her.” The voice, though sounding amused, was laced with a simmering anger. “Marinette has taken good care of me and while I’d like nothing more than to obliterate the ones who did this to her, it’d make her sad. So I have a task for you.”

The cat could only sit there in confusion. He didn’t understand who was talking to him and what they wanted him to do. But he didn’t care what it was. He would help her no matter what the cost.

“You will protect her.” The voice echoed in his ears.

A bright glow filled the room as a foreign feeling overtook his body. When he came to his senses, he knew immediately that something was different. He glanced down at his hands in wonder but quickly brushed his confusion aside. None of that mattered to him at the moment. His only concern was helping her. He gently lifted her body from the floor and held her close. Tikki watched him with a look of wariness. Her eyes seemed to tell him that she understood what had happened.

“Plagg chose you.”  She said simply before flying ahead and waving at him to follow. With her instructions, he brought Marinette to her room, laid her on her bed and took care of her wounds.

“Marinette comes from a line of humans that are tasked with the role of guardian.” Tikki explained once he was done. “There are more beings like me and she’s responsible for keeping us safe until we find our chosen ones— those who we deem worthy enough to be blessed with our powers. As our chosen ones pass on, we return to the guardian and the cycle repeats. Throughout the ages, I’ve always stayed with the guardian and blessed them with the power of creation. Plagg, however…”

“It’s been quite some time since Plagg had a chosen. He decided that humans were too corrupt and selfish to be trusted with his powers of destruction.” Tikki smiled tiredly as she brushed the hair from Marinette’s face. “He has a soft spot for Marinette so I imagine he thought it’d be ideal to have you around to keep her safe.”

When Marinette had finally awoken, she was dazed and confused. By her bedside sat a man whom she had never met before. Non-recognition flickered across her eyes and she questioned who he was. He had never considered how much it would hurt to become a stranger to her again.

He opened his mouth to answer her but he faltered. Who was he? What was his name? His head dropped slightly and he could see the golden strands of hair sway in front of his eyes. Golden hair just like his previous owner’s. A memory that he’d long forgotten surfaced to the forefront of his mind. A kind woman who brought him in. A woman who named him after the child she was never able to bear.

“Come here, Adrien.” He remembered her tinkling voice as she happily called him.

“My name is Adrien. I was passing by when I saw that your door was open and you were unconscious inside. You’ve been sleeping for two days.” He explained.

She looked absolutely flabbergasted by the revelation and profusely apologized for taking up his time. He simply laughed and reassured her that he was a simple traveler who had all the time in the world. Even so, she stuttered out another apology, cheeks tinged pink in embarrassment. It was something that he had never witnessed before and he was happy to discover a new side to her. But most of all, he was grateful that she was alive.

When Marinette learned that he had nowhere to go, she offered her home. He expressed his concerns about her letting a stranger stay, but she just gave him her usual smile and handed him a spare key. She joked that he had to earn his keep, but he was more than happy to help her with whatever she needed.

They spent their days idly and happily. He helped her care for her plants and he always accompanied her into town. Not a care was given about how people looked at them. He could hear the hushed whispers of those they walked by.

“It’s the witch.”

“I thought she was taken care of.”

He chose to remain blissfully ignorant towards how people felt about her. He was overjoyed simply by being by her side and watching over her. Before, he would curl up by her side as they stayed warm by the fireplace. But now, he was able to hold her and be her support. It was like a dream and he never wanted to wake up.

But all dreams had to come to an end.

He heard a slight creaking one morning and felt the lack of warmth by his side. As he descended the stairs, he saw Marinette preparing to go out.

“Sorry, did I wake you?” She smiled apologetically. Still rubbing the sleep from his eyes, he asked her where she was going. A sheepish look crossed her face as she explained to him that she was looking for someone. He felt his stomach sink as it hit him—she had been going out at the crack of dawn every morning to look for him, the him that was a cat.

He was torn. He wanted to tell her the truth if just to ease her concern. But fear gripped his heart. Fear of what she would think of him if she found out that he was just a cat. Would she no longer love him?

Days passed and his answer was no clearer. He walked through the market streets, mind muddled and conflicted. In his inattentiveness, he almost bumped into someone. It was none other than Chloe. She glanced at him just as surprised.

“You’re the one who was with Marinette the other day.” She noted while studying him. “How is she?”

“She’s fine.” He responded hesitantly. He was still rather suspicious of her.

“I see. That’s good.” She paused and seemed to think for a bit before continuing again. “Won’t you accompany me for a bit?”

He wondered if she was the one responsible for what had happened to Marinette. He told himself not to pursue the question. He didn’t like the idea of leaving Marinette at home alone for too long, even though she assured him that she’d lock all the doors and that she’d be safe. But he was curious so he went against better judgment and went along with Chloe.

“My father is the mayor. I’ve known Marinette since childhood. We used to be friends you know.” Chloe began as they walked towards a bench in the distance. “But when she was accused of being a witch, father forbade me from seeing her.” She explained. Seeing the discontented look on his face, she sighed. Sitting down, she gestured to the space next to her for him to have a seat. “Excuses, I know. I’ve been terrible. I willingly distanced myself from her. I didn’t want to be seen with her and I was disgusted with her.”

“She’s not a witch.” Adrien mumbled. Marinette was just a simple human, just like everyone else. Tikki did mention that she bestowed some power upon Marinette, but that didn’t change the fact that she was human.

“I know.” Chloe said with a sigh. “Even though she’s helped mother so much. I was too proud to admit my mistakes.”
He felt perplexed by Chloe, wondering why she was telling him all of this. She played with the strap of her bag, the small moment of silence made him feel awkward.

“Don’t you dare speak a word of this to Marinette, you hear?” She suddenly blurted out, cheeks flushed. At that moment, he felt that Chloe couldn’t have been the one behind Marinette’s attack. Chloe continued to glare at him until he reassured her that he wouldn’t say anything.

“My father has recently fallen ill. I suggested he get medicine from Marinette, but he refused. He’s convinced that she’s responsible for what happened to Mother. That’s why he…” She lowered her head and trailed off. “I tried stopping him but he had me locked up in my room. I couldn’t even warn her. But it looks like she has you to watch over her now, so I’m at ease.”

It was the mayor. The moment that dawned upon him, Adrien dashed off towards the cottage, leaving a startled Chloe behind. He felt like a fool, leaving her alone, even if just for a bit. When he returned, there were strange people surrounding the cottage and Marinette was being taken away. Her right cheek was bruised and starting to swell. Anger welled up inside his body and he rushed forward blindly. In his rage, he attacked everyone in his path. But he was careless. He didn’t see the man behind him poised to attack. His vision went black as he received a blow to his head and fell to the ground. Marinette called for him but his body refused to move. He could only watch as the men took her, unable to do anything as his consciousness slowly faded away.

“Destroy them.”  A voice echoed. He couldn’t tell if it was his voice or Plagg’s.

When he had awoken, the sky had already turned dark. A low growl erupted from his lips and he felt a strange power stir within him. Fury clouded his mind as he went off in search of Marinette, leaving nothing but destruction in his path.

He heard the villagers’ voices chanting to burn the witch and spotted Marinette tied to a stake. A man stepped forward with a torch in his hand, ready to ignite the stacks of hay by her feet.

He saw nothing but red. He wanted nothing more than to slaughter all of the roaches in front of him for daring to hurt her. He bounded forward, closing the distance between him and his enemies. Marinette could only watch in surprise as a dark shadow descended before her.

He felt the heat of the flame graze by him as he knocked the torch out of the villager’s hand. The man fell back in surprise, fear evident in his eyes. He scampered back as Adrien stalked towards him, claws ready to draw blood. But before Adrien could attack, arms encircled his waist and pulled him back.

“Kitty, no!”

His resolve crumbled at the sound of her voice. Ignoring the people surrounding them, he turned around and scooped her up into his arms and leapt off into the night.

As he walked through the forest back to the cottage, Marinette gazed at his appearance. She raised a hand to his cheek and looked at him questioningly.

“Adrien?” She asked. His eyes shifted downward in shame.

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you.”

At his confirmation, she threw her arms around his neck and pulled him close. A soft green light surrounded them and the black that covered his body faded away. He held her tightly, tears gathering at the corners of his eyes.

“I thought that you wouldn’t let me stay with you anymore… that you’d hate me for bringing you bad luck.”

“You stupid cat! I could never…. You can stay with me forever. I want you to stay. So let’s go home, okay?”

His heart swelled with joy. She had spoken such words so easily, accepting him, asking him to stay with her despite everything that had happened. She pulled back and rested her head against his and let out a joyous laugh and he couldn’t help but do the same. Perhaps, he was a lucky cat after all.

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