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From June 2017. I was away for the summer and all I had was a sketchbook. I scribbled some pictures and as usual, I wrote a short fic to go with it. It was a spur of the moment thing so I didn’t put much thought into it. So now, two years later, as I’m sorting through all of my Miraculous stuff, I decided to clean up the original two pictures I drew and added some more.

Miraculous: Les Aventures de Ladybug et Chat Noir
Rated: G
Pairings: Marichat/Adrinette
Warnings: None
Summary: Marinette is dating Chat Noir. She and Adrien are just friends.

[Audiofic here]

She never imagined that she’d be dating Chat Noir. An accidental meeting led to an occasional visit, which led to planned get-togethers. Their tryst remained far from the public eye, despite one half of the pair being a famous superhero (well the other was too, but that was a different issue altogether). Marinette’s circle of friends were well aware that she had a boyfriend, though she refused to reveal who he was.

She also never imagined that Adrien would have feelings for her. They were definitely better friends than they were before, but she didn’t think his kindness towards her was different from how he treated everyone else.

After learning that he was going to be busy on his birthday yet again, she had meticulously planned an outing filled with all of his favorite things. They had a great time together and she wondered idly if that’s what it would have been like had she had the guts to ask him out back then.

“Thanks, Marinette. You’re the best.” He said reverently. She was taken aback by the adoration that shone in his eyes before he leaned in and kissed her. She was surprised, to say the least. She had a feeling he was too when he quickly pulled back, face red and apologetic. But before he could say anything, she had already turned heel and rushed off.

There was no mistaking it. The smell of his cologne, the way his hair brushed against her skin, the feeling of his lips meeting hers—

Her cheeks seared and her stomach felt like it was doing nonstop somersaults. She was angry. Partially at him, but also at herself. She heard his footfalls rapidly approaching and him calling her by the nickname he—Adrien had never used before.

“Mari, wait. Please.” He implored. Hearing the desperation in his voice, she stopped but didn’t turn towards him. She crossed her arms, waiting for his explanation. His hand hovered behind her back, too afraid he had pushed her boundaries. “I’m so sorry, Mari. I know you have a boyfriend and I didn’t mean to…” He trailed off as if he had to rethink his words. “I’d be lying if I completed that sentence. I hate lying to you. I don’t want to lie to you.”

“Then why didn’t you tell me?” She spun around, throwing her arms down to her sides, fists clenched and shaking. “Chat Noir.” She let the name fall to a whisper. She watched his eyes widen in surprise.

It was unfair of her to be mad at him. After all, she had her own set of secrets that she never revealed to him even though she had so many chances. But she couldn’t help but feel like an absolute fool.

“You know?” He asked cautiously.

“Now I do! How could I not know when my boyfriend kisses me?” She retorted. 
He blinked at her. It took him a few more seconds to register her words and she could see that he was fighting the smile that was threatening to stretch across his face. She threw her hands up with a disgruntled sigh only to earn a nervous chuckle from him. Irritated by his nonchalance, she pulled him down by the collar and whispered in his ear, “You better be prepared for patrol tonight, chaton.”

He paused at the almost threatening statement. Oh. Ohh… Uh-oh, he was screwed.

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