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Happy Lunar New Year! ~ Food Coma

Two days late!

Time flies by so quickly. There were a few things I wanted to draw for the new year but I haven’t managed to get to any of them yet. But of course, what I did magically have time for was updating old art (I hate myself). Two years ago, I drew my favorite BrOTP from Miraculous celebrating the new year together for the ML Calendar Project. I was pretty proud of it at the time and I’m still partially proud of it, mainly the lion because I remember slaving for hours trying to draw it. So I basically kept the lion the same in the updated version and tweaked everything else. Comparison pics are down below.

[Speedpaint -old version here]

[Audiofic here]

“So you go to this festival with Kim every year?” Alya blinked in surprise when Marinette explained to her why she couldn’t come over to hang out. Even though Alya couldn’t see her through the phone, she could hear her apologetic tone.

“Almost! My mom is good friends with his mom so we’ve known each other since we were little.” Alya’s mouth fell open like a gaping fish at the new tidbit of information.

“I guess that does make sense. He teases you like you guys have known each other for a long time.” Alya’s eyebrows furrowed as she thought back to all the old school pictures where Kim would hold up a peace sign behind Marinette’s head. “I just haven’t noticed you guys hanging out that much.”

“We just have different interests now. But we still hang out every now and then. Lunar New Year’s is definitely our thing. We go have fun and stuff our faces. He’s started participating in the Lion Dance since last year though so now I spend that portion of the festival by myself. But it’s fun to watch him.” Marinette chuckled as she remembered how energetic he was last year.

“Well… if it’s anything he’s good at, it’s definitely making a show of himself.” Alya sighed. “So I guess we’ll just hang out another time?” She asked.

“Sorry.” Marinette said sheepishly. “Tell your sisters I said hi.”

“Will do. Send pics!”

Marinette sighed as she ended the call, feeling badly that Alya was stuck babysitting her sisters. It was going to be another year with just her and Kim, not that she minded. It was their own little tradition.

The festival was bustling when she arrived. She thankfully got there just in time for Kim’s dance. If she remembered correctly, the dances were performed by members of his martial arts school. She found the energetic movements mesmerizing and had half the mind to ask her parents to let her go to a martial arts school. At the same time, the bright and bold colors of the lions had her fascinated by how they were constructed. She would love to try her hand at constructing one within her lifetime. She had too many interests and not enough time to pursue them.

When the dance ended, a round of applause sounded out. The crowd began to disperse and Marinette stayed behind to wait for Kim. She laughed when he appeared from under the lion’s head, his normally upright hair flopping over his face.

“Great job, Kim!” She called out and began to make her way over.

“Hey, Mari! Just a bit. Let me get all this stuff put away. I’m starving!” He said.

“Oh, wait! Can I get a picture with you and the lion? Alya wanted me to send her some pictures.” Marinette held up her phone.

Taking the phone from her, Kim enlisted the help of one of his fellow lion dancers and the two took a quick picture to send. They didn’t want to keep his stomach waiting after all. Marinette helped them clean up and once they were done, she and Kim headed off towards the nearest food stand.

“It’s a shame Alya couldn’t come.” Marinette frowned. Kim let out a mock gasp and looked at her incredulously.

“You invited Alya to our thing?”

“Oh, hush Kim. You would bring Max with you if he weren’t so averse to loud and crowded areas.” She rolled her eyes. He feigned offense at her words.

“I would never!”

Marinette laughed at his pretend horrified expression and he soon joined in.

“So, anything special you wanted to do today?” Kim asked. Marinette took a few seconds to ponder over his question before answering.

“Hit up all the food stands and then hate ourselves afterward?”

Kim grinned gleefully at her words.

“That’s my girl!”

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