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A Wife for Kim

From February 16, 2018. Woo! More old art spam featuring Kim and Marinette! A short fic and art piece for Lunar New Year 2018. Since I had drawn Kim and Marinette for Lunar New Year 2017 so I figured I’d continue with the tradition and do some more gratuitous Kiminette friendship.

Miraculous: Les Aventures de Ladybug et Chat Noir
Rated: G
Pairings: Marinette/Kim friendship
Warnings: Old Asian mom being an old Asian mom.
Summary: Marinette and Kim plan to meet at the New Year Festival but Sabine has Marinette deliver gifts to Kim’s mom and so Marinette decides to meet up at his place instead.

“Marinette, you’re going to the festival with Kim right?” Sabine peeked out of the back door of the bakery to see Marinette sitting on the last step and adjusting her shoes.

“Yes, Maman. Is that okay? Do you need help in the shop?” Marinette asked. It was the Lunar New Year and the bakery had been busy all week. Apart from the usual pastries that they had, Sabine had prepared special traditional treats for the occasion such as fa gao and nian gao, as well as some candied coconut strips and lotus seeds.

“Oh no, you go enjoy yourself. I just wanted to ask you to pass this along to Madame Le.” Sabine said as she held up a red and gold gift bag filled with treats for the Le family.

“Sure! I haven’t seen Auntie in a while. Is there anything else?” Marinette took the bag from Sabine. Sabine simply told her daughter to wish her friend a happy new year for her.

Kim was surprised to see Marinette at his door since they had agreed to meet at the festival. He quickly ushered her in as the February temperatures were colder than usual this year. Marinette shivered as she stepped in, her cheeks and nose rosy from the cold. She was dressed in an adorable pink cape over a mandarin-collared dress. They were no doubt her creations.

“Sorry for the surprise visit. My mom wanted me to deliver some goodies.” Marinette explained as she lifted the bag. “Is Auntie home?” She asked as she slipped off her shoes.

“Yeah, she’s in the kitchen. Let me go grab a few things and we can head out.” Kim said before bounding up the stairs to his room. Marinette walked through the familiar home and found Kim’s mother in the kitchen by the stove.

“Hello, Auntie! Chúc mừng năm mới!” Marinette wished her happy new year with the phrase that Kim had taught her when they were little. It was one of the few things she managed to remember since she often used it to greet others on New Years.

“Oh Mari! Chúc mừng năm mới!” Madame Le smiled happily as she walked over and patted Marinette on the shoulders. “You’ve grown even more beautiful since the last time I saw you. Are you sure you don’t want to marry my idiot son?”

“Ma!” Kim’s voice cut in as he entered the room and Madame Le chuckled at the sight of her blushing son. Marinette giggled, seeing that Madame Le still hadn’t given up on propositioning Marinette’s hand in marriage on behalf of her son.

“This is for you, from Maman.” Marinette decided to have some mercy on Kim and changed the subject. She passed the bag to Madame Le and the woman thanked her graciously.

“Sabine is always going above and beyond. Could I trouble you to pass some things along to your mother as well?” Madame Le asked before turning away and busying herself with the green, square-shaped parcels on the countertop.

“Sure, it’s not a problem.” Marinette laughed. “It looks like you’re working just as hard. You’ve made even more sticky rice cakes this year.”

“Well, that one over there,” Madame Le eyed Kim, “Is always whining about how much he wants some throughout the year so I decided to make extra to freeze.”

Marinette looked at Kim mirthfully and he frowned in return. She had always known him to be a mama’s boy. She found it endearing but he was adamant about keeping it under wraps. Madame Le told Kim to come over to help her and he begrudgingly obeyed, making Marinette giggle as she watched the two work and speak to each other in Vietnamese.

“You should give up on that Bourgeois brat and try to woo Mari instead.” Madame Le mused as she placed a couple of rice cakes into a bag. Kim rolled his eyes and sighed exasperatedly.

“I’m not gonna woo Mari. She’s like a little sister to me.”

“That’s not what you said two years ago.”

Marinette cocked her head, noticing the distinct flush of Kim’s face and she wondered what they were talking about. Knowing Madame Le, she was still teasing him about his wife prospects. It was confirmed when his eyes met hers and he grew an even deeper shade of red.

“Here you go, darling.” Madame Le handed Marinette the bag of rice cakes to bring home. Kim shifted impatiently, waiting to leave so that his mom couldn’t embarrass him anymore. “And also this,” She said, giving Marinette an insulated jar. “Sweet rice ball soup to keep you warm at the festival.”

“Thank you, Auntie.” Marinette smiled.

Kim sighed a breath of relief as they left the home and made their way to the festival. There wasn’t a single time when Marinette had come over that his mom didn’t bring up marriage. He regretted ever letting her find out that he did indeed have a teensy crush on Marinette a while back. But who could blame him? She was pretty and nice.

“So what were you two talking about in there?” Marinette glanced up at him to see his expression turn to annoyance.

“Nothing important.” He grumbled, earning a short laugh from her.

“Based off that answer, I’m guessing she was still trying to get us to marry each other.”

“There’s a reason why I wanted to meet at the festival. You’re officially banned from my house.” He grimaced.

“Oh, it’s not that bad. I think your mom is hilarious.”

“I don’t.”

Despite her constant pestering about marriage, Madame Le was a sweet woman and Marinette adored her. While she did often complain about Kim’s antics, she didn’t hesitate to spoil the boy, like making extra rice cakes for him. Marinette couldn’t help but let out a laugh as a thought entered her mind.

“Good luck trying to get Chloe to make you rice cakes.” She chuckled when he blushed.

“Shut up.”

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