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Doll Commission

From January 12, 2018. This was a response to a question from an Anonymous user on Tumblr: Do you think Adrien has Ladybug dolls (sorry, action figures) that he hides away in his room? We officially know the answer to this question now as he was seen with the action figures in Syren.

Miraculous: Les Aventures de Ladybug et Chat Noir
Rated: G
Pairings: Adrien/Marinette
Warnings: Adrien’s finger guns
Summary: Adrien commissions Marinette to make him dolls.

[Audiofic here]

“Commission?” Marinette asked.

Mlle. Bustier’s class was empty save for the two teens that stood at their desks, the boy shuffling his feet nervously and the girl standing stiffly as he spoke.

“Yeah. Alya told me that you make dolls so I was hoping I could commission you for a Ladybug one.” Adrien said sheepishly, cheeks tinged pink. He wondered if Marinette thought he was another hopeless Ladybug fanboy (he was). He hoped through the kindness of her heart that she wouldn’t judge him too harshly.

“Um… sure. Just Ladybug?” She asked, a slight frown marring her pretty face. He blinked, confused by her sudden unhappy expression.

“…Is that a problem?” He asked cautiously. Maybe it wasn’t worth the effort or it was inefficient to make just one? He hadn’t thought about that. But Marinette quickly shook her head, her pigtails swaying as she did so.

“No, it’s just… There’d be no Ladybug without Chat Noir, you know?” She said with a fond smile. Adrien felt his cheeks burn and his stomach flutter. He didn’t realize that anyone had thought so highly of Chat Noir and it warmed his heart to hear such words.

“…so I’m throwing in a Chat Noir doll free of charge.” Marinette grinned.

She left him flabbergasted and awestruck and it took him a good ten seconds to realize that he hadn’t said anything in reply.

“Oh! Sure! Great! Thanks a lot, Marinette!” He rambled, earning a giggle in return and he had the sudden thought that he wanted a Marinette doll as well. He quickly banished the thought from his mind.

“I can probably get them done by next week? Is that okay?” She asked and he nodded furiously.

“Next week. Yeah. Cool.” He finger gunned. He wanted to slap himself for being such a dork. “I can’t wait.”

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