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A Solemn Wish

From February 2018. I don’t quite remember what prompted me to make this. I think we have all, as a fandom, thought up a million and one ways for the reveal to happen. Personally, I’d like it to happen before they face off with Papillon but every now and then, I like to imagine a post-Papillon reveal scenario. Here, we have Ladybug knowing that Chat Noir is Adrien since it’s his father that was the big bad. Now that the threat is gone, Ladybug grants Chat Noir’s wish and reveals her identity.

Miraculous: Les Aventures de Ladybug et Chat Noir
Rated: G
Pairings: Love square
Warnings: Crying Chat Noir
Summary: Ladybug and Chat Noir celebrate the defeat of Papillon but on a somber note.

[Video version here]

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