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She’s Mine

She’s Mine was my first “long” fan comic for Miraculous and it was inspired by a chapter of Horimiya in which Miyamura and an underclassman fight over Hori, as well as a few posts I had seen in which Marinette befriends Lila. Of course, this was all pre-season two so it’s definitely not canon-compliant. Lila will most likely return as a villain again, but this was definitely a fun interpretation to play with.

Miraculous: Les Aventures de Ladybug et Chat Noir
Rated: T for minor swearing
Pairings: Adrinette/One-sided Lilanette if you want to see it that way
Warnings: Lila’s death stare
Summary: Feeling responsible for Lila being ostracized, Marinette decides to befriend her. Lila becomes overly protective of Marinette when it comes to Adrien and hilarity ensues.

[Audiofic version here]

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