Misadventures of Melodia and Co. · Original Works

Misadventures of Melodia and Co. – Rule #1

This story is something that was concocted after day 4 of Inktober. As usual, I decided I wanted to do a whole story using the prompts, knowing full well that I wouldn't be able to complete it within the month. But I enjoy writing these characters nonetheless. It's not particularly plot heavy so I not… Continue reading Misadventures of Melodia and Co. – Rule #1

Original Art · Original Works

Inktober 2018: Day 02 – Tranquil

One hundred forty-two— she never lost count of all the days they met. When he first stumbled upon her, she wondered if he had gotten lost. The lake was well within the depths of the forest and human visitors were few and far between. She was caught by surprise, too late to dive under the… Continue reading Inktober 2018: Day 02 – Tranquil

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She’s Mine: Extra Stories

These are just some little extra stories that I drew for She's Mine, involving the classmates. I had actually planned to draw a few more to include characters like Chloe but I never got around to it. I eventually forgot and moved on to other projects. The first extra involves everyone's favorite tomato boy and… Continue reading She’s Mine: Extra Stories